Exclusion from gambling

Did you know that you can ask your club, pub, casino, bookmaker or totalisator outlet not to let you gamble?

By law these outlets are required to stop you gambling if you ask them to or if they feel that gambling has become a problem for you or your family.

Every gambling venue in the ACT has a Gambling Contact Officer who acts as the main point of contact for patrons concerning gambling issues and can discuss your gambling with you or give you information about where to get further assistance.

Self-exclusion from gambling

Self-exclusion is where a person chooses to exclude themselves from gambling at as many venues in the ACT as they believe they need to. This is done by completing a Self Exclusion from Gambling Deed (.pdf 687KB)

A Self Exclusion from Gambling Deed is an agreement between yourself and the gambling venue that stops you from gambling at your club, pub, casino, totalisator outlet or using a bookmakers services for a period of time that is agreed upon by you and your gambling venue.

To exclude yourself from gambling, contact the venues Gambling Contact Officer either by telephone or in person. They are required by law to assist you in a confidential way.

Most gambling venues in the ACT provide details of their Gambling Contact Officer and their contact telephone number by way of a sign at the entrance to a gambling area.

If you are unable to see any such signage you should ask a staff member for the information. Remember, gambling venues are required by law to provide you with this information. If you are using a bookmaker or website you should ask them directly or send them an email.

The Gambling Contact Officer can assist you to fill out a "Self Exclusion from Gambling Deed". Once you have signed the Self Exclusion from Gambling Deed, the Gambling Contact Officer will give you a copy of the Deed and make sure that you can no longer gamble at the venues you have nominated and that you don't receive any related advertising material.

You may not want to ask for information while you are in your gambling venue. Perhaps the venue is small and everyone knows what everyone else had for breakfast! If this is the case, you can contact the ACT Gambling Counselling and Support Service on 1800 858 858 who will help you to become excluded from a venue at no cost, or you can telephone your gambling venue and ask to speak to the Gambling Contact Officer.

Why not click here and complete a Self Exclusion from Gambling Deed yourself before speaking to the Gambling Contact Officer at your gambling venue.

Notice of Exclusion

Your club, pub, casino, bookmaker or totalisator outlet is required by law to exclude you from gambling at their venues or using their products if they think your gambling is affecting your welfare or the welfare of your family, even if you don't want them to.

This kind of exclusion is called "Notice of Exclusion from Gambling by Licensee".

If your gambling venue excludes you in this way they must give you written reasons for their decision.

If you don't agree with the reasons for being excluded, you may ask the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission to review the decision.  The Commission can be contacted on ( (02) 6207 0359 or email grc@act.gov.au.