Help Yourself

There are things you can do to control your gambling yourself.

Here are some simple tips to follow:

Some people find that simple tips such as these are not enough to help them stay in control. They may decide that they need a firmer way of controlling or even stopping their gambling. These people may find it useful to exclude themselves from gambling or seek counselling.


Did you know that you can ask your club, pub, casino, bookmaker or ACTTAB outlet not to let you gamble.

By law, clubs, pubs, casinos, bookmakers and ACTTAB outlets are required to stop you from gambling if you ask them to or if they feel that gambling has become a problem for you or your family.

For more information about excluding yourself from gambling visit our "Exclusion" webpage.


Counsellors give people with gambling problems (or any problem, really) guidance and support about what they can do to get themselves back on track.

Visiting a counsellor gives you the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence. Counsellors are qualified to help a person deal with a range of issues that may have resulted from gambling or contributed to the problem.

There are many counselling services available and some of them provide their services free of charge. Visit our "Help from the Pro's" webpage to find a counselling service that suits you.

Read all about it!

There are many research papers, books and websites that explore the issue of problem gambling. The more a person a person can learn about problem gambling the more they will understand about what problem gambling is, how it affects their life and whether gambling has become an issue for them.

Try entering "problem gambling" into your internet search engine an see what pops up. For links to problem gambling websites got our "Links" page.