What is Gambling?

Gambling involves risking money or something of value on uncertain events driven by chance. Sometimes you can win more than you risked, but ultimately gamblers as a group will lose over time.

Many Australians participate in gambling by betting, playing gaming machines or casino games and taking part in lotteries.

Most people see gambling as just another form of fun. They are happy to spend a small amount on gambling in the same way they might spend money at the footy, the cinema or a nightclub.

Some people who gamble begin to look at gambling as a way of making money or to pay bills, or to cope with other issues in their life. This can become a problem.

What is Problem Gambling?

Generally a person is considered to have a problem with gambling if the person has difficulty limiting the amount of money or time spent on gambling and this leads to adverse consequences for the person, their family and friends or the community.

A person with a gambling problem oftenhas a compulsion to keep gambling even if it causes problems in their life. Eventually gambling can affect your physical and emotional health, finances, relationships, work and study.

Many people are able to recognise the symptoms of an impending problem and are able to control this compulsion themselves.

Some people with gambling problems find it difficult to stop and may need to seek professional help before their problem affects their health.

Other people with gambling problems may have a disorder that requires medical attention.

Problem gambling often becomes a sensitive issue for the gambler AND their friends and family.

This website is about providing people with information to help them recognise and deal with gambling issues.

For more information on how you can help yourself to manage your gambling visit our "Help Yourself" webpage.

For more information on how you can help your friends or family to manage their gambling visit our "Information for Friends and Family" webpage.

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What is Gambling Costing you?

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